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Site Of the Moment: Nexxus Gaming

A fun new community, where gamers can come together and meet new friends in the gaming world.

Red Shoe Rebels
We are a kick ass all girl clan on PS3 and Xbox :)
In: 7273 Out: 6460

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Fearless Under Fire
Mature FPS clan mainly playing COD. We have players from all background and gaming abilities so come join us if you want to have fun and win! For XBox 360.
In: 6926 Out: 7421

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Over 30 Clan
Laid back group of gamers around the age of 30 or older. 3 Elite Rosters on PS3 and Xbox for MW3. 550+ members and growing. No KD requirements, no hassle! BlOps, MW3, BF3
In: 6833 Out: 6616


Old Guyz
COD Wii: We are a laid back group for people over Age 30. Cool family atmosphere for players of all skill levels. Over 200 members playing WAW, MW:R, Black Ops and MW3. Always accepting 30+ yr olds.
In: 6134 Out: 5000
oHHo Gaming Community
~ oHHo Gaming ~
We are a Xbox 360 Gaming Community! Ages 15+ or Mature
Click The Banner Register & Apply! Guys & Gals Welcome!
In: 5065 Out: 293

Legion Of Death Gaming
The Legion Of Death gaming is a XBOX360/PS3 Gaming Community founded by active duty military, however all are welcome.
In: 2951 Out: 4013

Photobucket The Central Outpost - The Headquarters for Gaming Clans

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In: 2764 Out: 7
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In: 1748 Out: 2166
Exodus Elite
We have the best of the best in the game. We play to win and we play the objective. We also play many other games!! We are growing extremely fast so join now and join the madness!
In: 1655 Out: 2133
10 we are the best and always looking for new shooters we have a facebook page website and 75 members.we are a close group and have been a clan for five year. In: 1213 Out: 2510
ICE Gaming Clan
Mature, Friendly, Fun MW3 Gaming Clan for XBox and PS3. We are enlisted in MLG Tournaments and we play for fun too. 1.00 K/D Ratio or better and 16 Years or older.
In: 1211 Out: 2629
Clan United & Victorious
United & Victorious is a Nintendo (Wii/Wii-U) only clan for Black Ops 1, 2 & MW3. Since 2010 we've grown to over 70 members world wide. If interested please visit our site for more info!
In: 1114 Out: 1991
Bacon, Chili & Cheese
We are a community of like minded adults that like to play CoD. We are not a Clan/Army, and don't take ourselves too seriously. You wont find any Drama ,Hackers or Whiners here. Check us out!!
In: 1102 Out: 1054
UGF - Urban Guerilla Faction
Minimum age changed to 15+. Requirements:free = 1.2 K/D.
Founders with 500xp NO K/D limit - Premium members = 0.6 K/D
~40 spots left...
In: 837 Out: 1816
The Green Fx
We are an Xbox clan with great members whose primary focus is the COD series. We are currently recruiting new members so come check us out!
In: 758 Out: 1076
Mature and friendly gamers. 18+ MW3 clan supporting over 50 active members. Constantly in top 300 in clan ops. Level 40+ clan. Join the team!
In: 754 Out: 933
Dynamic Synthesis
17 Visit Dynamic Synthesis on PS3 Elite by searching "DynamicSynthesis" (one word!). In: 697 Out: 1109
The Dog Pound Clan
18 An Ass Kickin' Place To Hang!
Wii Xbox360 PS3 Minecraft Union
Join The Pound , We has cookies!
In: 693 Out: 2859
Judge and Jury
One of the best Domination clans MW3 has to offer with over 55 Gold badges and dozens of top 10 performances! Wear the tags and you wear the honour, you decide which side of the gun you want to be on.
In: 632 Out: 625
20 Philanthropy is a clan designed for the casual and competitive Call of Duty players on PS3 & XBOX. Registration is currently CLOSED. In: 621 Out: 1114
HaZe Clan
Were an amazing Call Of Duty clan of snipers on the Xbox 360. We are currently recruiting skilled snipers!
In: 549 Out: 951
22 a ps3 call of duty clan forum for mature people all around europe playing mw3, blops and bf3 In: 512 Out: 1362
23 Multi platform In: 508 Out: 1216
Vengful Reckoning Gaming Society
Vengeful Reckoning is a 18+ MW3/BF3 xbox clan that loves to have fun and loves to win. Elite clan ops/Private Servers. 50+ active members! GB teams coming soon!
In: 502 Out: 639
Fierce Clan is Top COD Elite Clan. We are sponsored and have outstanding players and Play Many other games! Come check us out!
In: 367 Out: 145

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