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Site Of the Moment: AmbushGaming
A fun mature laid back community

16+ age limit

Unknown Target
This is a steadily growing clan that recruits anyone with a mic, and American or Canadian!
In: 49 Out: 468
The MoGZ Of War
MW3 Battlefield3 Black Ops2 MoH on PS3. Adults (25+). Mature GamerZ - the MoGZ. About: PTFO, communicating, making friends, having fun, helping each other on forum and in game. UK EU USA CAN
In: 41 Out: 371
Skeleton Crew Gaming League
Skeleton Crew is a very organized and mature clan. We DO NOT cheat, team kill, hack or glitch. We work on tactics and strategy while keeping the experience fun and entertaining.

On the PS3 we support
In: 40 Out: 170
In: 37 Out: 345
Team Vanguard
Team Vanguard Home Page
In: 35 Out: 271
Rage Gaming
56 laid back gaming community for ps3 and xbox 360 and wii come on in and check us out you wont be disappointed In: 35 Out: 186
Amazing Bible Blog
Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy!
End time events as we see being fulfilled before our very eyes!
In: 34 Out: 1
Vixens of Valor
We are an all female,Xbox 360 clan,so come check out our site and feel free to put in an application!
In: 33 Out: 191
were MW3 clan ,recruiting good players for top game play & good craic. only requirements are 1.0kdr & you have a mic + you have to be over 16 JOIN THE MOB
In: 33 Out: 390
Ashes of the Innocent
60 "The people who have dominated you on all three platforms since Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare"
Requirements included at site. Wii/360/PS3
COD mostly, but we have other games too!
In: 33 Out: 888
61 Wir sind eine Multigaming Community bestehend seit 2003. Du willst mit machen?! Kein Problem, jeder ist willkommen, einfach unter Mitglied werden anschreiben und schon kannst du KOSTEN
In: 28 Out: 184
Rage Warfare
In: 26 Out: 228
2.71 Gaming
Clan Website for 2.71 Gaming
In: 24 Out: 239
64 We are a MW3 clan for the xbox 360 platform we are always recruiting new members to become apart of are growing family if you are interested in joining check out are site and apply In: 24 Out: 280
District Gaming
We were created November 9th, 2011 as a Modern Warfare 3 clan. We are currently looking for active members with mid to high experience levels. The main aim of the clan is to bring gamers together and help each other have the gaming success that each indiv
In: 24 Out: 661
FSC is a gaming community dominates the leader-boards. with every member having above 1.20 KDR. having fun and PWNing noobs is the name of the game.
Like us on facebook, follow on twitter.
In: 23 Out: 142
New Age Assassins
PS3 Modern Warfare 3 Clan, Mature group of individuals who play all game types. Mid-range to experienced players wanted.
In: 22 Out: 316
68 We are a MW3 clan, this is just where we post thing for all members to see and list our members. In: 22 Out: 95
This Clan Was Founded and Created by danheath16, and is a Former Co-Leader of Reloaded Zone Clan.

We are a group of members that enjoy a good gaming experience, regardless of Sexual Orientation, Gen
In: 21 Out: 0
All Pro Gaming
Competitive Xbox 360 MW3 Elite Clan
In: 20 Out: 430
Misery 'n' Chaos
We are in it to win it!
In: 20 Out: 21
Premium 6 Gaming
We are a very friendly clan! We are good and have a pretty good competitive team!
In: 19 Out: 0
Legit Gamers
a clan that is legit doesnt camp doesnt chat and trys there best to beat those that do
In: 16 Out: 246
Anml Clan
we are a cod ( black ops, mw3) wii clan always lookin for new members n always down for a battle

In: 15 Out: 232
Rampage Advenrure Gaming
RaG is a 14+ MW3 gaming community. We are always looking for new members to rise through our ranks and have fun.
In: 14 Out: 0

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