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Site Of the Moment: HD Der FUN Clan
Halleu Wir sind ein reiner Fun clan zokken
cod fifa und und und motto da bei sein ist alles
Mehr info auf unsere Clan seite Bis dann.

Destroyers of Man
26 We are a friendly and competitive clan. We are legit. We do GB, are on elite, have a youtube, and are attracting sponsors at this very moment. If you want to have fun and kick ass at the same time thi In: 359 Out: 457
SemperFi Warriors
Play all games!!!
Laid back and competitive sides.
Must be 18+ to join
In: 337 Out: 237
Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan
Blitzkrieg (BZK) is an active and highly skilled gaming clan exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems.
In: 307 Out: 188
HWH Gaming
29 HWH is an xbox and PS3 gaming clan. With players of all skill levels from pros to noobs. We are always recuiting new members so come check us out. In: 283 Out: 507
ps3 clan looking for members with a positive KD and a mic!
In: 241 Out: 518
Predators Dungeon
The Predators Dungeon is home to the Predator Clan and it is always open, However if you want to be the BEST then you have to join the BEST....Predator +JESTER+
In: 226 Out: 461
ZoSo is a Xbox 360 clan. Play all games especially COD. Been around for a few years. Playing to have fun is our priority. Check us out!
In: 219 Out: 740
Naked Gamers Unite
33 NaKed Gamers Unite! Play NaKed Play Happy!
Play for fun or compete either way Stay NaKed!
In: 195 Out: 426
Retaliate Gaming
34 Retaliate Gaming is a new community, were recruiting member NA xbox 360 and PS3, All Ages. In: 171 Out: 534
Galz with Gunz
Newly Established All Girl Clan.. Currently Recruiting!!
In: 163 Out: 586
HellFire Prestige
36 PRESTIGE-reputation or influence arising from success, achievement, rank, or other favorable attributes.-WE ARE HELLFIRE -MW2 & battlefeild platforms For Wii & X-BOX Consoles.Looking for leaders atm.A In: 147 Out: 517
37 TakeTheShot, We are a community & respect based clan signed up on the website, we have branched into several games. We are a clan that focus's on fun, and the experience. In: 140 Out: 420
Top3 Gamer is a community site that provides a social gaming atmosphere as well as Clan and Team affairs. With forums, blogs, videos and more, makes this site a fantastic gaming community. TOP3 Clans
In: 126 Out: 549
Pulse Gaming
Pulse Gaming Franchise
In: 124 Out: 414
Please delete this site.
40 In: 123 Out: 545
Predator Theory
A mature Xbox 360 Clan, all with the mutual liking of dominating the competition. Currently a COD Clan, now recruiting. So check us out today.
In: 103 Out: 222
Donination Nation .:DN:.
FPS Clan 18+ Recruiting
In: 97 Out: 467
Legion Of Death
Legion Of Death is a new 14+ Xbox only clan. We play MW3 and BF3. We are currently recruiting for a variety of in-clan positions. Come join our team!
In: 97 Out: 301
We are a competitive MW3 gaming community, 18+ years of age. Come apply and take your gaming experience to the next level.
In: 92 Out: 119
Wii Kick Ass
45 We Are We Kick Ass. One of the best clans on the wii 80 members and counting . We are recruiting 1.7 kdr and above or good snipers. Clan War Record 42-1. WKAorDIE In: 92 Out: 280
46 A fun mature laid back community

16+ age limit
In: 74 Out: 659
E G O M clan
we're the elite gang of misery E G O M if you want to battle against us always welcom hope to see you soon and then you can see how miserable we are.....
In: 74 Out: 343
Infamous Alliance
New Xbox Clan 14+,We focus on the cod series,we will grow,you will regret it.Expect Us!
In: 58 Out: 201
Armed Outlaw
Armed Outlawz Is a Call of Duty clan for Playstation 3. Join us! we're always recruiting and we accept everyone!
In: 53 Out: 169
CQC Gaming
We are a casual multi-platform clan and we are looking for new people to play with.
In: 50 Out: 194

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