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Site Of the Moment: Wolf Squad

We are a clan of elite snipers who also have a elite team set up for regular guns!We are on the 360 any more info come check out our website!!! We are recruiting!!!!!! We are also sponsored!!!!!!!!!!

The Dog Pound Clan
26 An Ass Kickin' Place To Hang!
Wii Xbox360 PS3 Minecraft Union
Join The Pound , We has cookies!
In: 690 Out: 2694
Judge and Jury
One of the best Domination clans MW3 has to offer with over 55 Gold badges and dozens of top 10 performances! Wear the tags and you wear the honour, you decide which side of the gun you want to be on.
In: 632 Out: 623
28 Philanthropy is a clan designed for the casual and competitive Call of Duty players on PS3 & XBOX. Registration is currently CLOSED. In: 621 Out: 1112
HaZe Clan
Were an amazing Call Of Duty clan of snipers on the Xbox 360. We are currently recruiting skilled snipers!
In: 548 Out: 946
30 a ps3 call of duty clan forum for mature people all around europe playing mw3, blops and bf3 In: 512 Out: 1359
31 Multi platform In: 508 Out: 1214
Vengful Reckoning Gaming Society
Vengeful Reckoning is a 18+ MW3/BF3 xbox clan that loves to have fun and loves to win. Elite clan ops/Private Servers. 50+ active members! GB teams coming soon!
In: 499 Out: 637
Rise Against Gaming
14+ Multi-Platform Gaming Community. We rose from the depths of a Falling Clan to Rise Against and form a Unity! Come Join us and Rise Against!
In: 385 Out: 1337
Fubar Nation
34 Fubar Nation, a clan for both casual and competitive gamers looking for an awesome group of people to talk to and play with. In: 384 Out: 1222
Fierce Clan is Top COD Elite Clan. We are sponsored and have outstanding players and Play Many other games! Come check us out!
In: 367 Out: 143
The Organization
36 The Organization was made back in January, it is a community & respect based clan with almost 4,000 members signed up on the website, we have branched into several games. We are a clan that focus's on fun, and the experience. In: 365 Out: 922
Destroyers of Man
37 We are a friendly and competitive clan. We are legit. We do GB, are on elite, have a youtube, and are attracting sponsors at this very moment. If you want to have fun and kick ass at the same time thi In: 359 Out: 457
Flashbang Gaming
38 18+ Xbox Only. MW3 Clan. The Original FxG. "Bangin' Since 2011" In: 346 Out: 886
SemperFi Warriors
Play all games!!!
Laid back and competitive sides.
Must be 18+ to join
In: 334 Out: 236
Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan
Blitzkrieg (BZK) is an active and highly skilled gaming clan exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems.
In: 307 Out: 187
Army of Killers
41 Welcome to Army of Killers, a once huge, nice community that sadly died, and is now back, come take a look.
Only requirment is don't be a nonsense :)chatroom here!

In: 284 Out: 1180
HWH Gaming
42 HWH is an xbox and PS3 gaming clan. With players of all skill levels from pros to noobs. We are always recuiting new members so come check us out. In: 283 Out: 507
We are an Age 18+ MW3 clan supporting 50 active members and internal competitions with prizes and also have GB teams..
In: 242 Out: 1353
ps3 clan looking for members with a positive KD and a mic!
In: 241 Out: 518
Predators Dungeon
The Predators Dungeon is home to the Predator Clan and it is always open, However if you want to be the BEST then you have to join the BEST....Predator +JESTER+
In: 226 Out: 461
ZoSo is a Xbox 360 clan. Play all games especially COD. Been around for a few years. Playing to have fun is our priority. Check us out!
In: 215 Out: 740
47 TnA is an all girl clan and sisterhood playing Call of Duty on PS3. In: 198 Out: 351
Naked Gamers Unite
48 NaKed Gamers Unite! Play NaKed Play Happy!
Play for fun or compete either way Stay NaKed!
In: 195 Out: 425
88 Tactical
All systems including the pc are welcome to join. We are a fps clan and soon on to more so come check us out
In: 175 Out: 196
TAGM Gaming
All Players start out in TAGM Bootcamp
Learn spawn traps and how to communicate as
In: 174 Out: 1000

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