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Site Of the Moment: The Dark Clan
PS3 Clan always looking for new shooters. We have a facebook page, website and 75 members. We are a close group and founded five years ago.

Soldier of Defiance
76 There are two main purpose for Defiance, to serve as a "Clan" and a "Team". The clan is for regular online play and enjoyment where our best member can group up to rank up, have fun, etc. The team In: 14 Out: 139
Rebel Zone Gaming
77 A well structured PS3 and xBox MW3 Clan. We have EU and US rosters that compete in matches are are always looking for new blood in our ranks, check us out to join a respectful gaming c In: 14 Out: 66
HD Der FUN Clan
78 Halleu Wir sind ein reiner Fun clan zokken
cod fifa und und und motto da bei sein ist alles
Mehr info auf unsere Clan seite Bis dann.
In: 13 Out: 79
Most Dope Kids Clan
Home to Most Dope where legends are born. we offer a fun community to play with as well as a competitive side.
In: 13 Out: 1
80 The R10T clan was formed in late February 2011 for Call of Duty Black ops and Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 by founders Dakota and Cody with the sole purpose in creating a fun gaming environment with other like-minded gamers.

We try not to take thi
In: 12 Out: 93
TSI Gaming
81 Recruiting Fill an application add Fe4rless1985 and TSI PapaWolf In: 12 Out: 81
KMP (Killer Mutant Penguins)
82 ps3 cod clan. we play everything from cod 4 to mw3 In: 12 Out: 0
UnReal NightMare
83 We are competitive gamers who love a real challenge! In: 10 Out: 119
Dark Apocalypse Gaming
We are a large community of causal and hard core gamers. From fun lobbies, to GB battles, montages and commentaries, we always have something going on, with constant chat and activity.
In: 10 Out: 151
The Dark Clan
85 PS3 Clan always looking for new shooters. We have a facebook page, website and 75 members. We are a close group and founded five years ago. In: 10 Out: 153
WAR Gaming
86 If you are a Lone Wolf or are in an other clan then Please! Registerto our site and be apart of our friendly online community :-) After all Games are meant to be Fun and enjoyable & we all can do with In: 10 Out: 114
In: 9 Out: 252
TopShot Gaming
88 Are you interested in joining a great clan? TopShot Gaming is currently recruiting members for Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 for PS3. We offer competitive play and casual gaming as well. We dont require you to compete and we dont push you to either. In: 9 Out: 167
89 We are a New and Upcoming Call of Duty and Minecraft Xbox Clan!! You must be 14+ years or age to join! In: 9 Out: 0
- Xbox 360 -
Precision is a highly competitive gaming community that excels on the competitive scene. Recruiting from Australia and America, Precision will be going into MW3 strongly, aquiring top ran
In: 8 Out: 181
No Remorse Force
91 Relaxed PC Only Clan playing mainly Call of Duty series. We are all adults and have a over 18 only rule. Clan members can get together in our Teamspeak Servers and game together on our dedicated MW3 s In: 8 Out: 0
Counter Assault Response $quadron
92 CAR$ stands for Counter Assault Response $quadron. The clan was established in 2011 by OlPostBandit. We like to have a lot of fun. We are looking for members to join our clan that like to have fun and In: 8 Out: 96
Epic Killers
93 We're a bunch of friendly MW3 players who are actively playing everyday. The website is for anyone to join to enjoy, learn and take part in events with other clan members In: 7 Out: 93
iPro x Clan
iPro x Clan is a Xbox 360 clan. We are always recruiting and always up for a clan match.
In: 6 Out: 2
TeAm mKs
Number 1 PS3 Clan in ELiTE. 33x Champions in clan ops. We are going to start recruiting again so visit us if you want to join!
In: 6 Out: 2
96 MW3 FE4R clan. Xbox 360 . We are a group that enjoys the game, mature group, we win some, we lose some. "Saving the world" In: 6 Out: 251
Nexxus Gaming
A fun new community, where gamers can come together and meet new friends in the gaming world.
In: 6 Out: 1
Assault Gaming
98 we are a casual coed gaming clan how ever we do offer a competitive side with game battles if interested visit our site and sign up In: 5 Out: 125
Hardcore Pwnography
We are a fun, friendly, and competitive clan. We participate in all clan ops, and win gold! We are looking for some down to earth people to join up with us. We play daily as a clan and have fun doing
In: 5 Out: 2
Xbox Online Gaming Community
100 We are an Xbox Live and PC gaming community. We have over 270+ members and play multiple games. Our games include: MW3, Black ops, NASCAR, Forza, GTA IV, and MLB. In: 4 Out: 28

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