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Site Of the Moment: Vixens of Valor

We are an all female,Xbox 360 clan,so come check out our site and feel free to put in an application!

Frag Out!
We're an age 18+ Xbox community playing the most popular games such as Call of Duty! Come join us for some fun games and meet gamers who are your age!
In: 65 Out: 248
Infamous Alliance
New Xbox Clan 14+,We focus on the cod series,we will grow,you will regret it.Expect Us!
In: 58 Out: 201
78 We are a clan with over 40+ guys and gals and we continue growing on MW3 and Black Ops. If you would like to join go to our clan members page and add FullMTL/Novacane In: 57 Out: 416
An xbox community that believes in Friends first community second. We believe in sportsmanship and Fair play. If you are looking for a Fun time and you're 18 and over come check us out!
In: 54 Out: 104
Armed Outlaw
Armed Outlawz Is a Call of Duty clan for Playstation 3. Join us! we're always recruiting and we accept everyone!
In: 52 Out: 168
We are an Xbox 360 16+ clan. If you want to play with a good group of people who are motivated to win come check us out. We also we have an elite clan!
In: 50 Out: 177
CQC Gaming
We are a casual multi-platform clan and we are looking for new people to play with.
In: 50 Out: 194
ADED - Tactical Gaming
83 We recruit for CoD on Xbox360 Only.
We are a well-run clan with tons of experience and friendly CoD Players.
We Respect each others and those we battle against. Learn more on our site.
In: 50 Out: 433
Unknown Target
This is a steadily growing clan that recruits anyone with a mic, and American or Canadian!
In: 49 Out: 467
Physcotic Renegades *PR*
We are a Call of Duty Clan Black Ops and MW3 on PS3. We are a laid back spanish and english speaking Group. Hablamos Espanol y Ingles. To join us register at our website. We are not looking for those
In: 47 Out: 364
British Run And Gun
We are a Xbox 360 clan playing MW3 and recruiting new members for Call of Duty Elite Clan Operations.
We have been around since xbox launch and have a good group of players that we would like to add t
In: 44 Out: 353
The MoGZ Of War
MW3 Battlefield3 Black Ops2 MoH on PS3. Adults (25+). Mature GamerZ - the MoGZ. About: PTFO, communicating, making friends, having fun, helping each other on forum and in game. UK EU USA CAN
In: 41 Out: 371
Skeleton Crew Gaming League
Skeleton Crew is a very organized and mature clan. We DO NOT cheat, team kill, hack or glitch. We work on tactics and strategy while keeping the experience fun and entertaining.

On the PS3 we support
In: 40 Out: 170
Hallo wir sind die Swiss-Elite-Soldiers oder SES*
Wir sind ein Netter Coller Clan
Wenn ihr lust habt Für ein CW sind wir immer bereit.
Nicht Fergesen zu Voten.
In: 37 Out: 344
Team Vanguard
Team Vanguard Home Page
In: 35 Out: 271
Rage Gaming
91 laid back gaming community for ps3 and xbox 360 and wii come on in and check us out you wont be disappointed In: 35 Out: 185
Killers On Sight
In: 34 Out: 225
Sacrifice & Valor clan
93 group of elite members who are ready to win at all cost. Always recruiting 1.00 KDR and above. In: 34 Out: 132
Vixens of Valor
We are an all female,Xbox 360 clan,so come check out our site and feel free to put in an application!
In: 33 Out: 191
Ashes of the Innocent
95 "The people who have dominated you on all three platforms since Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare"
Requirements included at site. Wii/360/PS3
COD mostly, but we have other games too!
In: 33 Out: 884
were MW3 clan ,recruiting good players for top game play & good craic. only requirements are 1.0kdr & you have a mic + you have to be over 16 JOIN THE MOB
In: 33 Out: 390
97 Wir sind eine Multigaming Community bestehend seit 2003. Du willst mit machen?! Kein Problem, jeder ist willkommen, einfach unter Mitglied werden anschreiben und schon kannst du KOSTEN
In: 28 Out: 183
Wolf Squad
We are a clan of elite snipers who also have a elite team set up for regular guns!We are on the 360 any more info come check out our website!!! We are recruiting!!!!!! We are also sponsored!!!!!!!!!!
In: 27 Out: 299
Rage Warfare
In: 26 Out: 228
OTIN.OurTimeIsNow Clan on Wii
100 We are a MW3 clan that is dedicated to superb teamwork and tactical excellence. Mature players with microphones wanted. No hacking. In: 25 Out: 115

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