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Red Shoe Rebels
1 We are a kick ass all girl clan on PS3 and Xbox :) In: 7272 Out: 6442
~Sponsor Clan~ Hawaii Gaming Nation | Create Your Badge
Fearless Under Fire
2 Mature FPS clan mainly playing COD. We have players from all background and gaming abilities so come join us if you want to have fun and win! For XBox 360. In: 6925 Out: 7405
~Sponsor Clan~ Photobucket
Over 30 Clan
3 Laid back group of gamers around the age of 30 or older. 3 Elite Rosters on PS3 and Xbox for MW3. 550+ members and growing. No KD requirements, no hassle! BlOps, MW3, BF3 In: 6820 Out: 6605
Old Guyz
4 COD Wii: We are a laid back group for people over Age 30. Cool family atmosphere for players of all skill levels. Over 200 members playing WAW, MW:R, Black Ops and MW3. Always accepting 30+ yr olds. In: 6131 Out: 4992
oHHo Gaming Community
5 ~ oHHo Gaming ~
We are a Xbox 360 Gaming Community! Ages 15+ or Mature
Click The Banner Register & Apply! Guys & Gals Welcome!
In: 5065 Out: 285